Saturday, 13 of April

  09:30 Solo girls   2011 and younger     W, Ch  
    Solo girls   2009 and younger     W, Ch, J  
    Solo girls   2006 and younger     W, Q, Ch, J  
Beginners 2011 and younger 1, 2 level  W, Ch  
    Beginners 2009 and younger 1, 2 level  W, Ch, J  
    Beginners 2008 and younger 2, 3 level W, Q, Ch, J  
    Junior I E4  
  13:15  Juvenile I E4 (W, Q, Ch, J)  
    Juvenile II E4 (W, Q, Ch, J)  
    Junior  I E6 (W, V, Q, Ch, R, J)  
    Junior II E6 (W, V, Q, Ch, R, J)  
Juvenile I + II  E6 (W, V, Q, Ch, R, J)   
    Junior I  D  Standard (W, T, V, Q)  
    Junior II  D  Latin (S, Ch, R, J)  
    Junior II / Youth  C+B  Standard   
Juvenile I+II   6 dances (W, V, Q, Ch, R, J)  
    Junior I  D  Latin  
    Junior II  D Standard  
    Junior II / Youth  C+B  Latin  
  To be able to take part in class competitions (E4, E6, D, C, B) dancers should represent their class in start book!  

Sunday, 14 of April

Juvenile  I+II  Standard   4 dances (W, T, V, Q)  
    Junior  I  Latin  
Juvenile  I+II  Latin   4 dances (S, Ch, R, J)  
    Junior  I  Standard  
  13:30  WDSF Junior II Open Latin (+ Junior I)  
WDSF Youth Open Standard (+ Junior II)  
    U 21 LA
  16:45  WDSF Junior II Open Standard (+ Junior I) – 1st round  
    WDSF Youth Open Latin (+ Junior II) – 1st round  
WDSF Junior II Open Standard   ¼ F - Fin  
    WDSF Youth Open Latin              ¼ F - Fin  
    U 21 ST

Junior I couples are allowed to take part in WDSF Junior II competitions and
Junior II couples are allowed to take part in WDSF Youth Open competitions
 Dress and age groups according to the WDSF rules
 Exact timetable you can find on our website 10 days before competitions





















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